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there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise

The horse-human partnership has evolved over the years.  Although horses have been bringing peace, joy and healing to us forever, we now live in a more enlightened time.  We have evidence that forces us to re-evaluate our relationship and place trust in their very intuitive and conscious ways.  Animal assisted coaching has shown evidenced-based efficacy in helping people get greater results in life.

We are a unique, client-led equine assisted coaching practice in Rochester, Illinois. We partner with horses to help you reignite your fire, find your joy, fuel your purpose and passion, and navigate through overwhelm, stress and trauma so you can embrace life wholeheartedly. Horses have a natural awareness to energy and emotion which makes our approach a fresh and highly effective alternative to traditional emotional therapy. 


Horses are herd animals

Horses have an instinctual need to be safe.  They are able to detect incongruences in people and require them to connect with their truth – a space where they can be peaceful, balanced and present with the moment.  Horses help us become better people.  Through simple, purposeful interactions with horses we find understanding in attitudes and behaviors that shape our own lives.


Horses speak softly

When we come to accept horses as partners and really learn to listen, we benefit from their wisdom.  It is our doing nature that puts us in our heads and derails us from feeling what’s in our hearts – or simply being.  Sharing space, breathing, observing and sitting in the moment with horses frees us from the mental chatter that holds us back.  Within these moments insights surface that lead to guidance in personal healing.


Horses are teachers & healers

Connection is what horses set us up for.  The ability to connect with ourselves, the horses, and one another.


When we remain open to the messages of the horses, we can be stretched in many ways, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Horses are magnificent teachers for those of us striving to live in the present moment to manifest our full potential.  As prey animals they have a heightened sensitivity to the environment for their survival.  Their innate ability to sense others energies gives them the beautiful gift of reflecting our personal strengths and struggles.  Insights through the joint work of a coach and a horse can be revealing and life changing.

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What is Equine Assisted Coaching

Spirit Horse Wellness Equine Assisted Coaching programs are dedicated to personal transformation through experiential learning in nature with horses. Coaching is a co-active process where the coach and client work together for personal transformation.  We nurture the journey of healing self by working with individuals to develop skills necessary to grow and live a vital, joyful, integrated life. We approach our clients on level ground. The coach does not hold your answers, but rather guides you in discovery of that which has been outside of your awareness. What sets us apart is the partnership with horses in Equine Assisted Coaching (EAC). Our horses deepen the entire process with their keen attunement and soft nature.

In our programs, people experience physical and emotional healing through riding and interacting with the horses, which can improve self-esteem, relationship skills and quality of life. The work is appropriate for people wanting to work on self-awareness or get past the unfinished business that is keeping them in stuck patterns of behavior, low self-esteem, conflicts with people, or uncomfortable feelings.  Once we are fully present in the here and now and we clean up the unfinished business in ourselves, we are able to take responsibility for our responses and actions with more excitement, energy and courage to live life directly.  This allows us to have increased compassion, humility, and respect in our most important relationships in life.


Spirit Horse Wellness EAC:

  • Fosters patience and empathy

  • Deepens the ability to trust and relate to others

  • Increases control over frustration and anger

  • Develops a strong work ethic

  • Improves social and communication skills

  • Builds self-esteem and self-regulation

  • Leads to the trail of hope and healing

Coaching is not psychotherapy, but can be used in conjunction with therapy. Contact us if you would like more information about equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) programs with HOPE.

Who we serve

HOPE offers individual and group programming for children, adults, women, senior citizens, and veterans for social, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual well-beingIndividuals from all different backgrounds and ages can benefit from Spirit Horse Wellness EAC. Common reasons people seek our services include:

  • youth empowerment

  • life skill development

  • self discovery

  • loss & trauma

  • depression or anxiety

  • body image & self love

  • grief

  • childhood trauma

  • life transitions

  • emotional awareness

  • parenting

  • destructive patterns

  • combat trauma

  • leadership development

  • coping skill development

  • relationships & marriage

  • unclear life direction

  • conflict mediation

  • empty nest & retirement adjustment

  • caregiver burnout


Operational Schedule

HOPE Therapeutic Riding Center offers open enrollment throughout the year, participants are able to join at any time. There will be no sessions December-January however, participants can enroll during this time. During the school year we follow Rochester’s district schedule for breaks, holidays, regular scheduled closed days, and emergency weather closings.

Visiting Hope TRC

We are located in a peaceful setting on Black Branch Creek just 1 mile north of the city limits of Rochester, Illinois and only 10 minutes east of Springfield, Illinois. Visitors and farm tours are welcome by appointment, if you would like to schedule a time to visit the ranch we would love to hear from you! Please contact Kimber at to schedule a visit.

Hope TRC Contact Information

Phone: 217-816-8802
Mailing Address: P.O.Box 242. Rochester. IL. 62563
Physical Address: 2590 N. Walnut Rd. Rochester. IL. 62563

Directions:  Head north out of Rochester on north Walnut Rd past the high school, go 1 mile the road will make a 90 degree turn to the left, instead of turning continue straight and enter HOPE Therapeutic Riding Center.

(217) 816-8802

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